Got Beef?

I am so excited to share with you all my amazing video! I am applying to become a National Beef Ambassador and I had to make a video for one of the qualifications. This video gave me some set backs but  I can say that it was an experience I cannot forget. I was recently kicked by a horse and lacerated my liver and bruised my kidney I was in the hospital for two days.

Here it goes……..

Some of the qualifications that were needed for this application were a biography, a statement of ranch/farm, this video, social media campaigns and what your interest is in the beef industry.


Anyone can apply and have this opportunity to do so. You will apply HERE.

It opens the beginning of October and closes October 31.

One of my really great friends, Mckinzie Smith has represented Utah and Utah State University as a National Beef Ambassador. This has been a great experience for her because she has got to travel and meet tons of different people.

Kinzie Smith and I at a farm field days representing Utah and the National Cattlewomen’s Association.

I hope you enjoyed my video I am going on more trips these next couple of weeks and I’m excited to share with you guys my adventures in agriculture and in my life.

7 thoughts on “Got Beef?”

    1. Thank you! I have enjoyed working with you too. My favorite lesson I have learned so far is that every group of kids are different. You have to encourage, and engage with them in many different ways. That is something I have learned. Thanks for your Comment.


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